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Nov 29
My coworker, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer, please pray for her and her family, Thank-you!
Nov 29
Please pray for my mom in the hospital. I want her to get better and be able to come home as soon as possible.
Nov 28
Praise Report and Updated Prayer Request!!! Praise God I was given a verbal job offer. Now for continued prayer: Please pray that I can start ASAP, it's a large corporation that typically takes time to put things in motion, please pray that God moves the mountains and I am able to start work ASAP!
Nov 28
Please pray for my sister, Nicole. She has a stage 2 lung cancer for 3 months now since the day she was diagnosed. She is receiving chemo therapy at this time and it is affecting her. She can't sleep. She can't eat. Please pray that God will heal my sister and restore her health. My sister is a believer and we got up early in the morning and pray together over the phone almost everyday, but I need your prayers. Thank you!
Nov 28
Hi, good morning. God is so good, prayers request is for our daughter who lost her baby Noah during her 20 weeks of pregnancy as we are in time of mourning. Believing he is needed in God kingdom. I'm also asking in prayer for my sisters, brothers in health, mental pressure and to seek our heavenly Father for guidance, salvation for His mercy and grace but mostly repentance and lots of forgiveness. Our Godson, 20 years old is in battle with drugs and living on the streets, please pray that our heavenly Father to restore him completely. I have searched for him but doesn't want any help. Breaks my heart to see so much pain in this world so much suffering in one's soul. And my last request is prayers for all that may we be transformed, loved, saved in the glory of his righteousness our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Nov 26
Hello, asking that you continue to pray for my friend John. Salvation, deliverance and repentance. John does not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus. I am interceding for him. Also, pray for the Lord to give grace to the King family as they lost their beloved father and grandfather yesterday, November 25th. Pray for Christa and her family as this family is not saved and need the love of Jesus in their hearts. Also praying for friends that the Lord will soften hearts and restore our friendships. In the name of Jesus. Praise God.
Nov 26
Please pray for my Brother Robert from Tucson, a member of Calvary East side had a stroke in Georgia Sep 13, 2022 and is paralyzed all left side, on tube feed and speaks very little. All he wants is to come home Tucson.
Nov 25
Our next door neighbor, Tom, over three weeks ago had emergency surgery, was hospitalized, and only recently returned home. He has a six month recovery plan. Please pray for Tom’s complete healing and and to give his wife, Marty, extra strength. Thank you very much.
Nov 23
My great-uncle is undergoing emergency surgery for a large tumor affecting the spleen and pancreas. Please pray for his health, his family and his medical team.
Nov 22
One of my Kindergarten students’ brother has been in the hospital for 4 days unable to breathe on his own with RSV. Please pray for his recovery.
Nov 24
Ramon is home from the hospital. His mom said it was truly miraculous because Tuesday he was worse than ever, and yesterday he had a complete turn around. They were able to take him off oxygen and all monitors and sent him home today! Thank you for praying!
Nov 22
Kindly ask for prayers for my son Saul and grandson Anthony. Thank you!
Nov 22
My friend Brenda had surgery on the side of her face for melanoma. They found another mass on her brain and the back of her neck. Praying for healing.
Nov 21
First, a praise & thank you for prayers for my sister’s insurance issue. Another request for prayer regarding my husband’s coworker’s biopsy this week on her upper lip. Her livelihood is talking. (Radio) Thank you!
Nov 21
I am having a lot of trouble seeing the positive. Things are going very slow and we seem to regularly go backwards. I am asking for prayer hoping others will see the praise. I know she is alive at home and healing.
Nov 21
I feel discouraged about so much in my life, my marriage of 38 years, my relationship with adult daughter Destiny, I can't seem to get my weight under control, and I'm getting sick with a sore throat just a day before we leave for a Thanksgiving holiday. My faith of 39 years is weak. I need a fresh touch from the Lord on so many levels. Donna :(
Nov 21
Please pray for healing from heart palpitations and the anxiety that comes from it. Also for back muscle aches . That my doctors can find the cause through diagnoses and the right direct treatment. I do thank God for this trial as I believe He is with me carrying me through it. Thank you and blessings.
Nov 20
I need you guys to pray that my team meeting goes well on this Wednesday. At 10:00 a.m. that everything goes well. And my team meeting on Wednesday with my DD worker and my mom and the person who's in charge of group home. And my insurance person. And my counter from Hope. And my mom decides yes to discharge me on the 16th of December. I definitely miss you guys a lot at Calvary. I will give you guys an update after my team meeting on Wednesday on how everything went and what's going to happen. Thank you!
Nov 20
I am a single mother of one amazing boy with severe adhd and a bicuspid aortic valve. I underwent surgery for my ankle in May and now have had a precancerous tumor removed from my colon. I have been diagnosed with a bacteria that eats away the mucosa in my stomach, as well as chronic gastritis. I'm asking for prayer for our health as I have been struggling financially and need prayers and support. Thank you so much!
Nov 19
Please pray for our friend Jason. He's been fighting cancer for a long time and now it's back and doctors are saying it's terminal this time.
Nov 19
Hope all is well, please pray for me and me ex that God would give us strength to over come the things of this world that we would once again put God above all things... thank you
Nov 18
Please pray for my niece in law. Her father Brian has been in the hospital for 60 days. He has beening fighting cedif, infections, blood clot in his knee. He He is on a feeding tube also. He also has MS. Please pray for him for healing. Pray for strength for the family. Thank you!
Nov 22
Good news today Brian woke up and started talking. He's not out of the woods yet but this is goods news. Thank you all for praying for him! Hopefully we will get more good news in the up coming days.
Nov 17
I've recently been let go at work and am praying that I get hired at a specific one that I've interviewed for asap. The company can go slow so I'm praying that it falls into place miraculously fast. Please also pray for my family's faith.
Nov 16
I need prayer to keep growing in Christ. I have no fellowship and I watch church on line. I can't drive at night due to bad eyes and work on Sundays so I don't make it to church. Also pray for my son he's going through a tough time. Thank you.
Nov 16
1. Please pray that the hearts of my husband’s family members will be prepared to see Jesus in our home and in our lives. 2. I’m asking for an opportunity to talk to one or all of them at some point about Jesus. 3. I’m asking for boldness when the opportunity arises. 4. And that Jesus would give me the Scripture and words that they need to hear. 5. I’m asking for healing of any old family wounds. 6. I’m praying that new memories and bonds would be formed. Thank you for praying! God bless you!
Nov 16
Praise god, Praise God, Praise God!!! Holly's report on her second cancer surgery came back with clear margins! That means no mastectomy at this time. Thank you all for your prayers!
Nov 16
Our grand daughter has been having serious redness in her right eye and tearing. Doctors have been unable to find out what the problem is. Please pray for Lynnea. She is only 13 years old. Also our son Gabriel was recently diagnosed with a bulging disc, L4 and L5. He has been in excruciating pain for over 2 weeks. He can barely walk. He is 38 years old and has been unable to go to work. Please pray for a complete recovery from this attack. Thank you.
Nov 16
My husband Paul is having surgery on his shoulder Thursday Nov 17th at 7:30am. Please pray that it will be successful and that he will not need any further surgeries. Also for complete healing of the nerves from the spinal injury last June and complications from his broken jaw to be resolved.
Nov 16
Please pray for healing for family members that are sick with Covid.
Nov 15
Please pray for our children who were involved in a vehicle roll over. The children are recovering well just really sore, bumps and bruises.. our daughter had a large gash on her cheek which required stitches… and she is still hurting all over… our son-in-law Is still in hospital he has facial bone trauma and he shattered his right shoulder. But by the Grace of God they all survived!!! So please please pray for them and their complete healing… I am so thankful for the outpouring of spiritual support we have received from our church family here!! May God bless each and everyone of you for taking time to lift them up in prayer!!! ……. Thank you sooo much!!!
Nov 14
My wife was struck by a pickup truck on July 2nd and many are aware and have been praying. She is recovering but has had many set backs. Please pray for her continued healing and returning joy and peace. Thank you!
Nov 29
Sometimes it is hard to know what to praise. As you know my wife was hit by a truck in July and has been recovering slowly as she has had a set back since10/24 when they did a skin graft and it failed. Last week or so slipping badly. This week we learned why she has pneumonia, a swelling or fluid retention in left leg and possible some infection. The praise is we now know the issues and all can be fixed. She was scheduled for surgery again this Friday, but not sure if that will happen.